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Wiikey 1.9s UPDATE and Dumped XD

Wiikey 1.9s

Wiikey updated to 1.9s
(referr to official website for iso of the disc!)


dumped XD

WiiKey 1.9s Autoprogrammer for ATMEGA8L chips.


CHESS for the Wii


This is a port of Tom Kerrigan's Simple Chess Program (TSCP)
to the WII. I added a small user interface.


Zelda Hack UPDATED v0.1alpha3a

Team Twiizers Chainloader
Zelda Twilight Hack

updated to v0.1alpha3a. LINK Wiibrew
Now you can use to boot your Nintendo Wii homebrew the Nintendo's built in SD Card slot.
This is the first app to do this.. XD

+ support RZDJ version of The Legend of Zelda - The Twilight Princess disc
- support removed SD Gecko loading support.
+ support added support for the USB Gecko

we want SD Gecko support BACK !!!!!!


  • Correctly loads geckoloader code from USBGecko flash


  • Front SD slot is now supported; SDGecko slot support has been removed.
  • FAT16 is now supported; you should save your ELF executable on your SD card as "boot.elf".
  • RZDJ is now supported
  • Added support for Geckoloader stub: If you have a USBGecko installed and have already run the Geckoloader program to install into flash, then the Twilight Hack will try to load that stub if it does not detect an SD card.



FFCC: Ring Of Fates Includes New Copy Protection

FFCC: Ring Of Fates
Includes New Copy Protection

quote from akayuki

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

shipped to North American retailers today, and interestingly enough include a new copy protection scheme that attempts to discourage players from using unauthorized copies of the game on certain DS flash cards.

People using the R4 and M3 flash cards will be greeted
with a “Thank you for playing!!” screen after twenty minutes of playing.

WiiFrii 1.1

Wiifree UPDATED to 1.1


original source link

tnx to Waninkoko

Nyko's wireless nunchuk adapter

Wii Fanboy Review:
Nyko's wireless nunchuk adapter

link HERE

tnx to wii fanboy

" When I heard that Nyko was going to manufacture a wireless adapter for the nunchuk,
I was pretty happy.
Any chance I can take to eliminate needless wires in my life is something I definitely look to do.
So when Nyko said they'd send me a wireless nunchuk adapter for review,
I leaped at the opportunity. "

WiiWare GAMES Released

Wiiware Released Prices


WiiWare (Wii Software in Europe) is a portion of the Wii Shop Channel that specializes on software specifically designed for the Wii video game console.

WATCH WiiWare GAMES images on Wiitalia.it

Nintendo Wii Fanboy newz link:
Nintendo Japan lists WiiWare titles to be released on March 25

Nintendo announced the prices for the launch games on WiiWare in Japan
Prices will be the same in the US/EU

Okiraku Ping Pong Wii - Arc System Works - (500 points)

Kotoba no Puzzle Mojipittan Wii - Namco Bandai - (1.000 points)

Saku Saku Animal Panic - Konami - (1.000 points)

Star Soldier R - Hudson – (800 points)

Tenshi Solitaire - G-Mode – (500 points)

Dr. Mario & Saikin Bokumetsu- Nintendo – (1.000 points)

Pokémon Ranch - Nintendo – (1.000 points)

Lonpos - Genki – (1.000 Points)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles : My Life as a King – Square Enix – (1.500 Points)